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IJNet regularly posts current and informative international journalism news on its blog. You’ll see interviews and stories about journalists and media makers written by IJNet editors who are experts in their regions of the world. . Our weekly e-mail bulletin reports on the latest innovations, resources and awards in all areas of journalism today.

Popular topics found on our blog include:: citizen journalism, new media and the digital revolution, Twitter, Google, social media, election reporting, and censorship. Lately, social media has been a key player in revolutions, social change and the distribution of international journalism news. Recent blog posts reflect the viewpoints of those in the middle of the conflict who can share their experiences first hand.

We’ll keep you informed about trends in the industry such as:

  • How news is evolving and becoming “hyper-local” where community reports are shared on local/regional websites that engage readers on topics close to home.
  • The new trend in information sharing amongst journalists: Reports that benefit the public interest are often given to media outlets free of charge and are available for republishing.
  • The growing number of citizen journalists and the multiple platforms to support it.
  • The dominant factor of video in news and entertainment today.

Our editors and writers canvass their regions of the globe for topical events, discussions and tips to share with you. Our blog is yet another way for IJNet to inform, train, and share international journalism news with the IJNet community.

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